Gimme Chaos and I Will Give You (A New) Order

by Charles Mouyat

A life lived through an unseen matrix of sanitised, pre-determined imperatives is not life worth living. Given a healthy dose of chaos, a good designer will provide creative solutions that generate meaning to heighten appreciation and awareness in the mind of the consumer. Chaos is a blue water opportunity. It is the place where rules have yet to set restrictions, and what is possible is limited only by the imagination.

Whether conscious of this arcane view of the design process or not, the designer’s role is to generate meaning from otherwise inscrutable potential.  A true designer’s worldview is essentially nonconformist, though they will conform to standards of expected value. Such ability depends on divination, and by this I mean the ability to conjure beauty and draw it from the unknown, on demand and with studied discipline.

Humans are wired to generate order, but given only order, the potential for creativity shrinks as the cultural machine we inhabit programs us with deathly boredom via a constant pressure to conform. Conformity is society’s way of ensuring cohesion, but too much conformity results in stagnation. This is why our preeminent cultural outliers are revered. When a culture is able to wed itself to the great creative outliers like Elvis, Warhol, or Steve Jobs, the disruptive culture they herald grows to advance with unstoppable momentum.

We may eat, but we are being eaten if all we do is consume.

Maybe this is why designers occupy the “cool end” of the cultural spectrum. We inhabit a space the depends on edginess to create value where there was none previously.

Do we want fries with our lack of imagination? Or, would we prefer something a little more nutritious?

Break the mould once in a while. It will save us (and everything else around us), ultimately.

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