My Journey in Video Production

by Casey White

“I loved to learn anything creative… it didn’t take me too long to realise what profession I wanted to pursue.”

As a kid, I loved watching my dad work as a freelance graphic designer. In primary school, I wasn’t interested in many subjects – I just wanted to create.
Once in high school, I chose every art and music course available. It didn’t take long to realise where my passion would take me.
Video Production: a Childhood Dream
At one point I considered playing the drums professionally. However the opportunity to do that was small, and I grew content for it to remain a hobby. But thanks to my dad, I knew enough of the fundamentals of video production to build a profession. After speaking to a career advisor, I knew I had to join the creative industry and study for a Diploma.
Video Production
After graduating, my work took me to where my journey began – with dad, in freelance video production. It was here that the journey became real, learning how the industry works in detail: busy one day, but quiet the next. Growing familiar with this oscillating work model, now I understand why dad accepted every job that came our way, even if we were both busy.
New Horizons

Early in our partnership, a client asked if we could produce a video for them. But there was just one problem: neither of us knew how to edit videos. Naturally, dad accepted the job, then sent me to an editing course the next day. In the space of 24 hours, my natural fluency with basic editing was turned into something more.

Once back in the studio, all the elements fell naturally into place. Everything seemed to click – and the final result brought joy to our client. From that moment on, I knew that video editing was my calling.
The Journey Continues

One job led to another, and soon I found myself editing full time. Each job gave me a new way to approach video production, teaching me the intricacies of cutting film and an audio track, or learning to animate text with film. I began to visualise what I needed for the edit while filming was underway, to pick the perfect footage for the job.

By the time my parents retired to move north, a chapter had closed.  But my journey was not over. Moving to Studio Nero has broadened my horizons in ways I could never have imagined, giving me the chance to shape my skills and harness them. The journey continues.

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