The Pain of Discipline is Easier than the Pain of Regret

by Lara van der Wall

I am a great one for writing lists. In my Filofax, on my phone, next to my bed, on the fridge, messaged to my family.

If something important is coming up, I think about it a great deal and try to anticipate how it will play out. Probably how a chess master can work out a few different options in advance.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “stop worrying about it.”

But I’m not worrying. Just thinking.

As natural as fiddling with a river pebble, looking at a design problem from all angles is enjoyable to me, even meditative.

In his book “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” astronaut Chris Hadfield describes how astronauts practice simulations of so many situations, that nothing unsettles them, even a real emergency.

Flying by the seat of your pants can work out OK most times, but if you get any bad luck in these situations – boom, you are broadsided and suddenly it’s a disaster.

Regret, in this case, manifests itself as a job not well executed; where my performance is sub-par, I have embarrassed myself, or woe betides, embarrassed my client. And I’m only as good as my last job.

The pain of discipline is the same pain many people complain of when they exercise. Most people drag themselves to exercise, envying these few demigods who seem to love exercise and always look amazing.

Here is my super power: I love thinking about my work and its projects. It isn’t difficult for me, it’s not a duty to be attended to. Actually I can’t keep my mind off my projects, I look at them from many angles, day and night, work days or weekends.

And it sure is easier than push ups!

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