The Sky is Falling

by Lara van der Wall

Being in business is hard enough at the best of times, and when a black swan crashes into your path, it seems like the sky is falling. But don’t panic, because we’re not. It may not be ‘business as usual,’ but we’re braced to help.

Fight or Flight?

You need to keep trading, and so do we. We’ll do whatever it takes to win your business in these uncertain times, by proving that we can be counted upon while the world is adjusting to the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let our commitment to serve you generate some optimism, because we all need to trade out of this bear market.

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Don’t get me wrong – we ARE on edge – we’re not glib or perfunctory about facing the economic threat. But we also know that in times of fright, our only option is make a stand, harden our resolve and keep ‘it’ together.

In a crisis, we need to pivot and deliver fresh strategies faster, while providing even greater value to prove our worth.

All the things you need to achieve right NOW — to stay in business — we understand, because we are doing them too.

Do you need to reduce your expenditure?

Can you do what is required with less staff, while worrying about your own family too?

Do you need to change your brand conversation?

How can you achieve your communication goals quicker, and for less?

Tooth and Nail

Our directors Charles Mouyat and Lara van der Wall graduated from university into the “Recession We Had to Have.” We endured lean patches in 2000, 2008 and again in 2012. The fact that we’re still standing is testament to our resilience, canny operation, and forward thinking with steely determination to stay afloat. We’re lean, and mean enough to keep calm and carry on. Flight is NOT an option.

We listen. We strive. We understand.

We will work harder, faster, and better to deliver your projects because nimble performance is our edge.

We are affordable, flexible, and transparent. Tell us your budget and we’ll tell you how we can deliver everything you need.

Product Photography

You Are What You Do

Before long, you may need to consider:

  • Strategic marketing to forge new directions or emphasis in your internal and external communications.
  • Copywriting for speeches or announcements, press releases, newsletters, social media and advertising.
  • Retouching your existing photography for prudent rejuvenation of existing assets.
  • Video interviews for CEO messages to staff, and sales messages to customers.
  • Podcasts to staff for information, training and morale.
We’ll do whatever it takes to win your business. Just tell us what you need.

Call now for a chat, because the future is “now”, and action is always better than reaction.

Charles Mouyat | 0419 40 44 22
Lara van der Wall | 0409 920 941
All images and content are from our team
here at Studio Nero.

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