Transcending Demand

by Lara van der Wall

Ultimately, money, time and labor aren’t the foundation of a business. People are. The interactions, the details, the passions and the prides that shape our stakeholders, and continually define our approach to our craft.

Searching for new products and innovations is always interesting, and it’s easy to spend hours meandering the internet for developments. Particularly for Events Design, where we often discover new banners, mural materials, lighting technology and new trends for transforming a space.

Simply visiting a new site can expose you to the voracious “Can I help you?” of potential new suppliers.

New suppliers are generally eager to win your business, but in the short term, it can be difficult to know what kind of service they offer. It’s easy to produce a job with a comfortable deadline, when nothing goes wrong.

But it can take a disaster to find out who your real friends are. There’s no friend like an old friend.

Heart and Soul

That’s why we take time to cultivate relationships with our best suppliers – and reassure them that they’ll never be taken for granted. Keep asking your suppliers ‘What’s new?’  It may be new products or processes, new staff with expertise, awesome new machinery, or something popular just became cheaper, comes in a larger size, or can be delivered quicker.

In this age of email, your physical presence speaks volumes. Make the effort to meet your suppliers. Taking the time to go to their premises, to pick up a job or samples, and take a tour of their facility is foundational. Become friends with them. Take an interest in them, not just what they can deliver. Take time to learn their names, and to remember the interests and details you chat about.

When your suppliers know you care about them, they will care about you too – and take special care of the jobs you send to their business. They will work carefully to process your jobs smoothly, economically, and promptly. If there’s something wrong, they will call as soon as possible to resolve it, to ensure they can still hit your deadline. 

And then you must pay them as quickly as you can – even if your client takes 120 days to pay you.

People First

Ultimately, money, time and labor aren’t the foundation of a business. People are. The interactions, the details, the passions and the prides that shape our stakeholders, continually define our approach to our craft. 

That’s why our passion for people permeates our work: genuine relationships with quality suppliers underscores our reputation, and delivers quality for our clients. Everybody wins.

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Our success is about fostering relationships, and client success with Studio Nero is very much a testament to the mutual respect we share with our suppliers, who always go beyond the call of duty to deliver excellent results that our clients keep coming back for.


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