Lock down, buckle up

by Studio Nero

The end is in sight.

In the three long months since lockdown, we’ve turned the extra time to our advantage – enhancing our skills, and confronting new challenges head-on.

Some of our team share how sudden changes gave them new opportunities.

Charles Mouyat

Creative Director

COVID-19 came on like a rising tide. I predicted a decimated economy and was unconvinced by optimistic predictions of a bounce on the other side.

As social distancing became law, I rallied to strengthen our personal rapport with clients to remind them that we are not just a trusted resource, but that we are flesh and blood, and determined to remain upright. The possibility of losing our studio remains all too real. We think nothing of profit, but only of survival, for our people and our legacy. We chose to face COVID-19 by wearing our common humanity on our sleeves, and double down on being awesome.

Matt Harris

Designer and Photographer

During lockdown, I decided it was time to get around to something I have been meaning to do for a while – my application to join the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers! 

I began the journey of curating my portfolio, selecting a shortlist of 20 photos – from around 15,000. I figured this would be best as there are always gems that slip through the cracks. Although a photo may serve a client’s needs, it may not always be ‘artistic.’ This meant finding works where creative expression was as important as the subject.

Now down to 150, the next step is to reach 100 – before reviewing the final 50 with our AIPP-approved Creative Director Charles Mouyat. The final 20 submitted must show off more than just my photography, but my ability to solve creative briefs and satisfy clients. This portfolio – combined with references from clients – will give the tribunal all they need to reach their decision. 

Due to the lockdown, I’ve been able to take my time to refine the hardest part of my application. Once we’ve ‘returned to normal’ – hopefully I will be a professionally accredited photographer!

Khaled Ismaiil

IT Manager

During lockdown, I have had the opportunity and time to spend more time with family and my little daughter. It was a unique and fruitful experience to work remotely around my young family. Although it was a bit difficult to balance things at the beginning, after the first couple of weeks I started to get used to this new lifestyle of quarantine and social distancing.

While overwhelming at first, I found that online meetings became both efficient and enjoyable at the same time. Additionally, I had the chance to enhance my cooking skills, and to learn Python – which is an artificial intelligence language

Nicholas Raphael

Marketing Manager

The last few months have turned commuting time into reading time – beginning with Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs.

Everything that feels intuitive to the modern eye, was first pioneered from scratch in the past. From end-to-design to the magic of the contemporary typefaces, every modern aesthetic was first pioneered by a visionary. A person who risked everything, to defy everyone.

As a child of the ‘dot-com bubble’, it was astonishing to explore how Steve Jobs pioneered the minimalism that makes the Apple offering so unique – and Studio Nero so engaging.

Lara van der Wall

Managing Director

In the beginning, I found the lockdown of the economy very alarming. I woke up early after a poor sleep, and went to work every day – until the calls and emails slowed to a trickle. Enrolling for JobKeeper took some of my worry away, although the enormity of the danger to Studio Nero is still clear and present. However, I wasn’t going to be terminally spooked by a possibility. I was, and still am, determined to stay positive and focus on distinct tasks.

Spending more time at home, and itching with surplus energy, I began to see projects which needed my attention. Instead of going to work, I was waking early and getting stuck into all kinds of renovation and maintenance projects. Regularly checking my emails for client jobs taught me the true meaning of “fear of missing out”.

Now we are getting back to the office more, balancing production tasks with phone calls to catch up with people we have been unable to meet.

Pandemic management and social distancing have become our “New Normal.” For a small business like ours, innovating, pivoting and always giving our clients the best service we possibly can, has always been our “Normal.”

All images and content are from our team
here at Studio Nero.

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