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by Charles Mouyat

“We pulled out all the stops with a great corporate video production portfolio – crafting a pitch to magnify the scale of our work.”

I’m a professional visual communicator, AND a passionate musician, and it gives me great pleasure to call Fender a long-time client.

The Fender “Stratocaster” is my favourite instrument in the world, and in my youth I spent many hours, and my hard-earned cash, in a particular guitar shop. After having blown a great deal of money on Fender purchases, the manager of the shop came to know me as a true fan.

New Horizons

So when Fender marketing staff visited his store and were chatting about their photography requirements, I was recommended as a brand lover who could enhance corporate video production.

We hit if off right away, and Studio Nero’s relationship with Fender goes back a quarter of a century because of this shared passion.

A very special relationship ensued. Our client had a reputation for toughness, but we soon found they were an absolute delight to work with. We thrive on delivering matchless quality in corporate video production, and this became the foundation of our relationship.

Over the next two decades, Studio Nero grew. Business expanded to include global brands such as the Hyundai Motor Company and Ecolab. Our passion for corporate video production even led to working on presentation features and TV advertising. But inevitably, locally-owned “Fender Australia” was soon purchased by the parent company – Fender Musical Instruments, USA. Unlike the home-spun domestic distributors we were familiar with, the American organisation is a truly global company. As a multinational brand, they were now more akin to Apple than the “family” business we had grown to love.

News of the buyout was first met with consternation. But with a heads up from our old friends, we were encouraged to pitch our services to the Americans. We pulled out all the stops with a great corporate video production portfolio – crafting a pitch to magnify the scale of our work.

Brand New Look in Video Production

With a great portfolio of Fender-centric material, we pulled out all the stops – designing a pitch to redefine the perception of what we could do, and to fill the new international management with absolute certainty that their needs would be best served by remaining safely in our capable hands.

Needless to say, Studio Nero was perfectly positioned to maintain our love affair with the peerless Fender brand. Our mission was to prove that Fender would NEVER find our equal as a singular creative resource. Our passion for their product was from a user’s perspective, and remains unmatched.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Having passed the test, we met our first challenge: staging the new inaugural national dealer event. With a mandate to introduce the American team and their forward vision, the event was a clear break from the past. To this end, Studio Nero engineered the template for future events, shaping the company’s sweeping new direction. Presenting their bigger, bolder commitment to supporting local dealers, the new regime encouraged Aussie dealers to get on board to benefit from an American style – with more vibrant opportunities than ever before.

In the lead up to the event, we spent some time nurturing our relationship with our new American friends. With our intimately shared passion for “Rock’n’Roll” and the work of Leo Fender, it became clear Studio Nero would thrive. We would prosper from the radical change in the corporate governance of Fender brands in Australia.

‘Harts’ and Soul

Studio Nero continues to provide creative solutions in print and retail marketing drawn from American and international standards. We produce video and photography, and continue to provide production support for Fender’s national dealer conferences and Custom Shop auctions.

It’s nice work if you can get it, but the cherry on top was yet to come. In late 2019, Fender released the American Ultra range. This required Studio Nero to produce a video clip as part of the global launch campaign featuring guitar wunderkind Harts.

It was incredible to have this virtuoso playing his Plasma Red Burst American Ultra Stratocaster in our own Macquarie Park studio. But THAT is another story!

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