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The proliferation of online media has made story telling with video a must have medium. It’s well and good to use a smartphone to shoot video and post it without proper editing or vetting, but if you really want your marketing to sing, Studio Nero can produce a video that will go the extra yards because that’s what we do. Just like stills photography, everyone has a video camera in their phone, and competing for attention in a saturated media stream means you really need to stand out. We are born story tellers, and we’ve invested in high end gear. Our creative editing and capabilities in motion graphics will add superb polish to your story, and for the money, really can’t be beaten.

Telling stories through video media is the most penetrating way to reach your audience. Between the moving images, clever scripting, sharp edit, engaging motion graphics, music that adds vibe, words on screen to reinforce your message, and even translation into other languages — video cannot be beaten for power and reach.

Design that moves!

Motion pictures from Studio Nero use carefully crafted imagery, words and music to work in concert to fully engage your target audience.

  • Superlative focus on your product, using visual communication literacy to put your selling needs front and centre
  • 4K cinematic cameras to capture intricate detail and filmic look
  • A huge array of professional grade lenses for ultra sharp focus and creative composition.
  • Discreet 4K Action cams with superlative image quality to get into the nitty gritty.
  • Brilliant editing that is both creative and cuts to the chase for your brand.
  • Special effects and motion graphics
  • Draft delivery with timecode for comment and approval
  • Hype reels for events and brand exposure for social media and the boardroom
  • Tutorial videos for education
  • Talking head and professional elevator pitches
  • Feature length documentaries
  • Script writing and screenplay
  • Subtitles and transcripts
  • Foreign language translation
  • Expert colour grading for balanced imagery and true colour display.
  • Experienced videographers with attention to detail

The camera matters, but it’s not about the camera

Talent and experience is what makes the difference with Studio Nero. Run by aesthetes and designers, the crew at Studio Nero are nuts about composition, but we understand your bottom line. While we’re born creatives, we understand your business needs to profit.

We offer video as part of our professional offering because we’re good at it. Let’s be straight, when it comes to effective production, breathtaking imagery and smart story telling go hand in hand. Our ability to get inside your brief and make it our own, is why we produce media that resonates. We engage with the subject, no matter what it is. we don’t just let the camera’s roll, we point them, direct them with your brand purpose in mind. We serve the message above all.

Short clips with original content start at $2,500

Tell Us More About Your Project

Product Demo Video Production

Product Demo Video Production Through Studio Nero

It is often a blur where the digital and the real world meet in today’s reality, with the digital space now being the perfect playground for advertising. We are surrounded by technology, engulfed by it, so a product demo video production is the best way to obtain the maximum brand exposure you need.

What You Can Expect From Us As Your Product Videographer

You may think that you have all the free video software at your disposal and you have a phone, so what more do you need to promote your brand, right? If you want consistent brand imaging, you might want to reconsider:

  • Creative editing and motion graphics. A video is the best and most inclusive way to tell a story and get your client to engage with your brand. The sharp, final editing and the high quality video we provide will ensure that it’s an excellent reflection of your brand.
  • Brand consistency. As you build your brand, you want your clients or potential clients to recognise your brand purely based on your video storytelling style, filter, angle, film etc. It is best to use the same company that understands your brand and can ensure a consistent brand style throughout your videos.
  • Our product videographer skills reach far beyond mere editing. We understand everything about videos and can produce documentaries, apply motion graphics and provide subtitles and translations as final touches to your project.

Never underestimate the impact that a good quality video can have on your brand, what a difference it can make to your bottom line, the number of followers, or your quest to change the world.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Our Product Demo Video Service

When we take on a videography project, we don’t simply shoot a demo video. We engage with the subject to the extent that we know it off by heart to apply creative and editing techniques that will make your brand shine.

  • You can view our previous work because ultimately, we can tell you as much as we want, but the proof is when we yell ‘action’.
  • If you are starting and you are still developing your skills as a photographer or videographer, we have a ton of tips for you in our blogs and articles that can help you build your start-up brand.
  • By combining graphic design, photography and videography, we have a set of skills among our team that complement each other to bring you the best final product that you can ask for from one company.

There are so many options and combinations that we can produce for you to get maximum brand exposure or to give you the best quality, edited documentary for your next big break. Our skills are here for your disposal, and we want to make your product look its best.

About Studio Nero

We combine creativity, empathy and strategy, which means we understand your brand, can tap into what you feel about it and then use our creative juice while keeping things organised with a strategy to meet the final demo video service expectations. We can further provide a studio you can hire if you have the photography skills but not the space to make it happen. We can also add to your brand identity through graphic design and logo design.

Don’t hesitate, contact us to discuss what you need and how we can help you.

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