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Comprehensive event production services

With natural flair when it comes to event production, the team at Studio Nero can produce your next event with scope limited only by imagination. Whether it’s a small corporate meet or bold product launch, we know what it takes to make an entertaining impact that will deliver results for your business. It’s all about vision, coordination and communication. As born organisers, we are naturally skilled producers with effective people skills. We are able to lean on collaborative industry relationships that span decades, and eliminate obstacles with panache. If Studio Nero can’t do the job in-house, you can rest assured that we know precisely who to call, and manage the outcomes while you focus on the bigger picture.


Start to finish – Leave the hard work to us and enjoy the show.

Studio Nero will create the buzz you need at your event, with comprehensive event planning services:

  • Venue Options. We know the best spots in Sydney and can book the perfect venue for your needs.
  • Event design and signage. We transform a vanilla space into a uniquely branded destination using creative print solutions.
  • We provide accurate pre-production visuals of the proposed assets in situ, for accurate budgeting and approval.
  • Entertainment Booking. Studio Nero works in partnership with Ziedan Management to book top notch entertainers for your event.
  • Corporate Travellers. Interstate Transport and Accommodation is taken care of by tried and true industry partners.
  • Fun and Games. Whether it is group-bonding or pinball machines, Studio Nero can tailor options for making your event a memorable one.
  • Event Staging. With the help of our expert staging partners, we can provide custom staging that is safety rated and guaranteed to work.
  • Event co-ordination. We can organise lights, transport, equipment hire, signage and deliveries.
  • Bump ins/ bump outs. We believe many hands make light work and we will assist from start to finish.
  • Event Coverage. We will take it upon ourselves to document the event, using professional cameras and equipment.
  • Post Production. Need a hype reel or a curated set of event photographs? Our studio exists to cover your needs.
  • Highly competitive prices with one consolidated service.


What can Studio Nero do for you?

Events are about experience, and our job is to create experiences your guests will remember. We know production, and as experienced event planners and visualisers and live performers, we know what it takes to create that “wow” factor. If you need inspiration, we’ve got ideas. No job is too big or too small, and our close working partnerships with suppliers means we cater to anything you need for your event at any scale. Whether it’s dazzling lights, huge temporary murals, or a custom built 50ft stage, we know who to call to get the job done.

  • We work along side of you at every step of the way.
  • We will take your show to the next level with considerations to your budget and timelines.
  • We know that planning and process is the key to a smooth, head turning show.
  • We help map out production times and work with you to hit milestones so everything gets delivered on time and on spec.
  • To make a lasting impression, we’ll cover the details so you can focus on connecting with your guests.
  • Having been involved with major product launches, trade shows and large-scale events, we know where to be and when.
  • If guests can’t be there in person, we can deliver your event live across the globe via the world wide web.
  • All post-production can be included too, with our photographers and videographers delivering high quality hype reels and event photography.
  • If you want your event to be eventful, Studio Nero has the crew for you!


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Event Production Sydney

Our Event Production in Sydney Can Help You Succeed

If you have plans for your next corporate event or product launch, don’t stress about the details. Let us take it off your hands and deliver you something only limited by our imagination. We want to make an impact on you so that you can make an impact on your customers. No obstacle is too big for our event production in Sydney. We have the industry experience and the collaborative relationships to match.

Our professional team will take the time and make sure communication is of the highest importance while organising your event and take you through every step of the way. We want you just to sit back and enjoy the show. Working with your budget, we will be sure you get your money’s worth, and if you can’t have the guests there in person, we can organise a virtual event.

Benefits of Hiring an Event Management Company in Sydney

Our event management in Sydney will help you achieve the goals you set out for your event. We believe in the vision you have, which is why we take what you give us and give you something extraordinary. By hosting an event or product launch, you increase sales, lead, and build new relationships or better relationships.

We will also not leave you high and dry when the day for the event arrives, we walk you through the programme and supervise everything to make sure your event is one for the history books. With all of that, some of the other benefits we deliver are:

  • Planning. We pride ourselves in being born planners; it’s what we love to do. With all the different events we’ve planned, our knowledge stretches far and wide. We also have the necessary knowledge to work with any size budget, and we take our time in conducting searches for the absolute best of everything while sticking to your budget.
  • Time. Planning an event or launch is no easy task, especially if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Attending meeting after meeting and then still finding a venue sounds daunting, which is why we will save you time to focus on what you need to focus on and nothing else.
  • Satisfaction. Giving you the satisfaction of a successful event is our priority. We don’t want you to worry about anything regarding the event; we will, however, walk you through everything and confirm the initial plan for the event but the small details? You can leave that to us. We won’t overlook any aspect of your vision, but that’s not all. Our events agency in Sydney will personally document the event with our cameras if you’re interested.

The Importance of Event Organisers in Sydney

Our Sydney event agency team have all the necessary skills to make the dream event come true. If you are thinking of hiring event organisers, you have already made the best decision right there, and that is pretty much the only decision you’ll need to make apart from the vision you have for your event. We thrive under pressure, and we don’t only work with plan A. We have B and C in our back pockets, along with thinking three steps ahead. Some important factors to remember about an event planner in Sydney are:

  • Your goals are of top priority to us. Ensure that you have all your questions set aside for us and the vision of your goals. In that way, we can get a better understanding of what you would like for the event. By setting up clear and concise questions, we can not only get rid of any concerns you might have but also establish an excellent foundation to launch our work.
  • Communication is vital in our line of work, and we didn’t get our excellent reputation by lacking in this area, so we give you the option on how you want us to communicate with you and what way will work best for you. Do you want to meet once a week for coffee, do you prefer a video call, or will an email do fine? These are essential factors to consider in giving you the best service and results.
  • We have all the required paperwork intact for you when you sign up for our service. As we said, you are our top priority, and we want everyone to be happy on the business side as well. Setting up an explicit agreement of delivery times, meeting times, budget, etc. is a great way to stay on top of the project and make sure everything runs smoothly.

About Studio Nero

Here at Studio Nero, designing unique and creative outcomes for our clients is something that makes us proud. By combining new age technology with old-school hard work and dedication, we can tell beautiful stories through the events we put together and walk a journey with our clients.

If you’re ready to make you’re your dream event become a reality, don’t wait any longer, as our event agency in Sydney is here for you. Please contact us or complete the online enquiry form for more information.

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