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Photography & Retouching


One stop photo shop in Sydney’s north west

Competing for attention in today’s hyper-saturated media is a challenge all marketers face. You need to put your best foot forward no matter where your product is seen. While flashy, enhanced imagery is everywhere thanks to cheap delivery and digital reproduction methods, it takes more than a smartphone or a handy digital SLR to make your brand and product stand out. Everyone has a camera, and the competition is fierce. Why not let the experts at Studio Nero do the talking for you with superlative imagery? As a bonus, our professional photography is backed to the hilt with the kind of creative retouching and image editing experience that knows how to sell exactly what story you want to tell.

If selling is telling, let us sell you with picture perfect results that raise your brand above the competing noise.

If you mean business, we can help you show it.

At Studio Nero, we tell the story you want to tell about your product and brand. Keen on the idea that selling is not a dirty word, we believe that buying makes the World go around.

  • Superlative focus on your product, using visual communication literacy to put your selling needs front and centre.
  • Ultra high resolution digital cameras to capture intricate detail
  • A huge array of professional grade lenses for ultra sharp focus and creative composition.
  • Spot retouching offered as a matter of course to eliminate minor imperfections.
  • World class photo-retouching available to take your images to the next level.
  • Standard delivery of ultra-high, medium and screen resolution images
  • Images for billboards, press, and websites.
  • 360º product images powered by HTML 5
  • Secure drop-proof image gallery available for permanent storage of all your assets, delivering instant access 24×7.
  • Deep etching available for individual products that need a clear background for catalogues or e-commerce sites
  • Expert colour care for balanced imagery and true colour display.
  • Experienced photographers with attention to detail.

Have no doubt about why you need professionals on the job

It’s true that we’ve got all the gear —specialised lights, expensive cameras and lenses— but anyone can buy the gear. It’s our talent and experience that really makes the difference. Studio Nero is run by aesthetes and designers, who are nuts about composition. While we’re born creatives, we understand your business needs to profit.

We are world-class image editors, but we don’t just rely on retouching. The foundation of Studio Nero is professional image manipulation, but rather than polish other photographers’ turds, we prefer to cut our own diamonds. We specialise in photography because we’ve always believed that great work is brilliant by design, and we are designers first and foremost. Sick of retouching other people’s mistakes at the end of the production queue, we made a play for the front of the production line and started managing the entire process for our clients. It turns out we’re good at it — and our business has expanded for it.

Most of our work is done in framing the shot, and the way it is lit for purpose. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. Whether it’s capturing character, sensuous allure, or smashing out widgets for your sales catalogue. We shoot for purpose and know how to expedite processes to deliver precisely what you need. To this end, our objective is always to exceed your expectations, while working with you to raise the bar for your business.

You may have a great camera, a designers’ eye, and all the right software — but if you don’t have the discipline of years of technical education and production experience, the results of your efforts may not be as good as you need them to be. We see it all the time, and it makes us cry. Let us plan, shoot, retouch and host your photography assets.

Above all, Studio Nero offers efficiency that minds your bottom line. It’s our job to make you look good so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Images start at $12*

Great imagery is and worth the investment, and just a chat away. No matter what your needs, we can help you stand out in a competitive marketplace where looking good literally means influence and success.

*Studio product images, subject to bulk quantity and process.

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Photography Agency Sydney

The Importance of a Photography Agency in Sydney

Is there anything more captivating than a beautiful image that captures a moment in time and draws you into an unspoken story? Photographers are artists who use their exceptional creative skills to best portray an image or images using a camera as their artistic tool. When searching for a photography agency in Sydney, it is critical to turn to one that has used their passion and inherent skill for this medium to create exceptional work for their clients. At Studio Nero, this is what we do. We focus on photography because we believe that great work is brilliant by design, and we are designers first and foremost.

  • More than just image editors. Our staff are brilliant image editors, and the foundation of who we are as a business is image manipulators. However, rather than polishing other people’s work, we prefer to create and edit our own work. Our photographers are exceptional in what they do, and editing their incredible work leads to superior results. We were weary of fixing other people’s work and decided to move to the front of the production queue and manage the entire process for our clients.
  • How we work. At our Sydney photography studio, we primarily frame the shot and create lighting to serve a distinct purpose. If a client comes to us and requires product photography for a campaign or sales catalogue, we deliver and apply the same principles, whether it is to capture character, allure, or widgets. While vivid and enhanced images are everywhere due to cheap delivery and digital reproduction methods, we understand that it takes much more to let your product and brand stand out in todays’ hyper-saturated media. We have therefore elevated product photography in Sydney to a new level.
  • Knowledge and experience are key. When you turn to a photography agency, be sure to look at their technical education and production experience. These undoubtedly affect the type of service and results you will receive. We provide these essential services to manage your entire project. We plan, shoot, retouch and host your photography assets while always keeping your bottom line in mind.

What You Can Expect From Studio Nero Regarding Our Product Photography Studio

When turning to a product photographer in Sydney, your desired outcome is what we achieve through passion and commitment. We make brands shine to deliver your message and increase the impact of your product. We tell the story you want to share about your product or brand.

  • Why you need a professional. Yes, we have all the gear and equipment, but that does not make us unique. Our talent and experience are what sets us apart, and we have a team of aesthetes and designers who have a love for composition. We may be creatives, but we also know that your business needs to turn a profit; whether you need a product photographer in Sydney or commercial photography in Sydney, we have you covered.
  • How we can help your business. Whether you are intent on brand awareness or product-specific marketing, we know that selling is the desired outcome and are not afraid to acknowledge it. It is our job to help you achieve these goals. We focus on your product using visual communication literacy to put your selling needs front and centre using our experienced photographers who focus on the small details. On the commercial side, we create images for billboards, press and websites. Simply put, if you need to run a creative campaign using imagery, we are there to provide personable and professional service.
  • Boutique service offering. We provide a comprehensive service from start to finish. When you turn to us with specific marketing needs, we will manage the entire project for you, as noted above. Our team of creatives cannot wait to get their hands on your brief and start working on achieving your goals.

If you reside in Sydney and you are looking for a visual agency that will turn your brief into a powerhouse campaign, let us talk and make it happen.

Photography & Retouching


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